“The Cat Got My Tongue!”


A Katie-Jane story about communication and self-expression.

I wrote this book to express and explore the feelings I had as a child who suffered from selective mutism.

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Softcover version, 36 page full colour picture book, limp-bound.


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Anyone who has ever struggled to speak or express them-self will be able to relate to Katie-Jane’s third story.

After finding herself speechless when asked a question in class, someone suggests that maybe the cat took Katie-Jane’s tongue. And so begins this adventure.

On her way Katie-Jane observes a rabbit, a hive of bees and a bird, who each communicate in different ways. Eventually the cat makes its appearance, and Katie-Jane makes some understandings.

This is a fun story, which enables an exploration into different methods of communication – body language, dance, song, art and more – as well as into feelings of anxiety, nervousness and relaxation.

At the end of the book, ‘Katie-Jane Explains’ is a page that goes into more depth about the concepts explored in the story and some of the feelings the reader may experience.

Some comments about “The Cat Got My Tongue!”


“Just thought I would let you know have received books and shared with my students. Another teacher was in the class today as I was sharing ‘The Cat Got My Tongue’ and she loved the book and could not believe how engaged all the children were, understanding and talking afterwards about how they would/could deal with this feeling in the class. This is a class of 42,  Year 2 and 3 children so is wonderful that they ‘got it’.” Wendy Halvorsen, Teacher, Oamaru





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