PDF of “The Cat Got My Tongue!”


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A Katie-Jane story about communication and self-expression.

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Anyone who has ever struggled to speak or express them-self will be able to relate to Katie-Jane’s third story …

After finding herself speechless when asked a question in class, someone suggests that maybe the cat took Katie-Jane’s tongue. And so begins this adventure.

On her way Katie-Jane observes a rabbit, a hive of bees and a bird, who each communicate in different ways. Eventually the cat makes its appearance, and Katie-Jane makes some understandings.

This is a fun story, which enables an exploration into different methods of communication – body language, dance, song, art and more – as well as into feelings of anxiety, nervousness and relaxation.

At the end of the book, ‘Katie-Jane Explains’ is a page that goes into more depth about the concepts explored in the story.


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