PDF bundle of all my books!


*These products are all downloadable PDF versions of the following books:

“Am I a Chameleon?” – a Katie-Jane story about being shy, fitting in and finding out who you are

“Have You Seen My Tail?” – a Katie-Jane story about embracing change

“The Cat Got My Tongue!” – a Katie-Jane story about communication and self-expression

“I Have Something to Say!” – an exploration into the heart and mind of my selective mutism

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You can purchase all four books together here and save on their individual prices …

Four PDF books – the download links will be available to you after purchase.

Three Katie-Jane picture books, written to introduce and explore different emotional concepts, with the aim of helping children to get in touch with their more difficult feelings and realising that they are not alone. They are all written from my point of view having grown up with selective mutism and a high level of sensitivity.

“I Have Something to Say” is filled with my memories, insights, thoughts and beliefs from my childhood through to today. It explores selective mutism from various angles, and from the differing perspectives of then and now.

Some comments about these books:

“Thankyou! Thankyou for your raw, inspirational, and beautifully told journey with SM. This is the first book I’ve read from a sufferers perspective and as a Mum with 2 SM children it was just enlightening.” Tamra Haylock

testimonial4“I highly recommend this book! It is a treasure in the world of Selective Mutism. My daughter struggles with SM, so reading this book provided valuable information–inside information, as to what she is going through … ” Merri

“I was so excited when I heard about this book, and I was not disappointed!
I loved how it was written by someone who had/has suffered from Selective Mutism themself. I have a daughter, aged 7, who suffers from it and have done a lot of reading since she was diagnosed and nothing has given me a better insight than reading this book … ” Rachael

“Thanks so very much for our latest edition of your fabulous Katie-Jane stories, and I have to say my favourite of all so far, the story, the illustrations, just delightfully perfect in every way! You are truly gifted Kat and your books are a gift to children and adults alike everywhere. Don’t ever stop listening to the little girl inside because she has definitely rekindled mine, so thank you x” Kym Laing, Mum of four, New Zealand



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