I Have Something to Say!


An exploration into the heart and mind of my selective mutism.

This book is a blend of my memories, insights, beliefs and dreams … openly sharing the person I have become not only in spite of, but because of selective mutism.

Whether you are a sufferer yourself or a parent, care-giver, teacher, or professional, I hope that this book will give you some insights, comfort, ideas and encouragement.

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Softcover version, 158 pages, perfect bound, ISBN# 978-0-473-32816-0

5% of profits from this purchase will be donated to VOICE for Selective Mutism.


I Have Something to Say!

I suffered from selective mutism as a child when very little was known about this frequently misunderstood condition. In my teens and early adult years I developed further complications as a result of my untreated anxiety. Today, it is important to me to share my perspective.

This is my selective mutism story …

In part one I tell you my story from both my past and present perspectives. I offer insights gained and lessons learnt, and I offer a few words of advice.

… and the recognition of myself

In part two I look beyond the limitations of selective mutism and explore the incredible talents and traits we all have that deserve celebration.

Some comments about “I Have Something to Say!”

“Thankyou! Thankyou for your raw, inspirational, and beautifully told journey with SM. This is the first book I’ve read from a sufferers perspective and as a Mum with 2 SM children it was just enlightening.” Tamra Haylock

“What wonderful insight and wisdom this author has opened to with her life journey gifted with Selective Mutism. I quote,”I found that denying your true nature and constantly striving to be someone you are not is an exhausting, unfulfilling way to go about your days”. This book offers so much to children and parents and teachers of all children not just those with Selective Mutism. Well done on all fronts.” Rosanne Forde

reviewMaggie review

“An engaging acoount which helps the reader understand what the person with selective mutism is going through. A real help to any one seeking to understand or help them.” Nez


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