“Have You Seen My Tail?”

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A Katie-Jane story about embracing change.

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Softcover version, 36 page full colour picture book, limp bound (perfect bound and stitched), ISBN# 978-0-473-28629-3.


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Anyone who has ever struggled to accept – or longed to experience – change of any kind will be able to relate to Katie-Jane’s second story, “Have You Seen My Tail?”

Using rhyming verse, and laugh-out-loud moments, Katie-Jane begins this story feeling bored. She is surprised and shocked as she meets a butterfly, a frog and a snake; who are all struggling to accept the recent big changes in their lives. Different perspectives help all four characters to accept their own situations, and embrace change in the way life offers it to them.

‘Katie-Jane explains’ goes into greater depth at the end of the book, for readers who wish to explore a little deeper or gain greater understanding.

Some comments about “Have You Seen My Tail?”

Love the themes of you walking and talking in nature. Your character is SO appealing. The rhyming scheme really works and I love the messages you are getting across. So easy for children to relate to.” Lynne O’Neil, teacher, UK