“Am I a Chameleon?” PDF


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A Katie-Jane story about being shy, fitting in and finding out who you are.

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PDF version, 25 page full-colour picture book, ISBN# 978-0-473-26946-3



*This product is a downloadable PDF – after purchase you will receive the download link.

Anyone who has ever felt like hiding away, or disappearing into their surroundings will be able to relate to Katie-Jane’s first story, “Am I a Chameleon?”

Using fun, rhyming verse, Katie-Jane tells her story as she meets a chameleon and instantly feels a connection, before being questioned by a bold and bright parrot who leaves her feeling confused. Through the story, Katie-Jane asks the opinions of three other creatures who they think she is – before realising that no-one else can determine that but herself.

‘Katie-Jane explains’ goes into greater depth about the concepts explored in the story at the end of the book – for readers who find they need a little more explanation.


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