What are you actually trying to achieve?

What I need to write about today is my refusal to listen to myself. It really is annoying. I have been attempting to create a thriving book publishing business for this past year – and I have been trying my best to move in the direction that I think I should be going. Inevitably, I […]

Scared of failure?

It’s the way you feel when you have poured your Heart and Soul into something. When you have discovered your insides and turned them out – and put them on display for other people to see and to judge. When you have done all that you believe that you can … and then someone tells […]

Some things to think about …

The way you talk. The things you say. The way you look at others. The way you use your body to enhance your message. The things you like to do. The way you hold back. The way you jump right in. How do you like to express your Self? Are you a speaker or a […]

I have something to say …

I’ve been sitting here planning to write this post for a few minutes now, and already I am feeling pretty terrified. It is a big thing – to pour your insides out over a subject that has tied you in knots for many, many years. Even if, in some ways, you feel you have already […]

What kind of World are you creating with your money?

Love it or hate it, I don’t think it matters. Money is something we use, at this point in time, in our society. We use it for many things. True – it can’t buy happiness and it can’t buy Love. But it can buy food and clothing, and it can put a roof over our […]

Do we have to grow old?

Did you ever notice how much energy children have? Ahem – not that I wanted to state the obvious. I’m not sure it’s possible not to notice. First observation aside, I’ve another question for you … Did you ever notice how good children are at expressing themselves. I’m not talking eloquent descriptions here – I’m […]

The time it takes to write a book …

There is a question that people often asks me – and it always leaves me a bit befuddled. “How long did it take you to write your books?” I usually find myself fumbling about with an answer that describes something between two hours of connected writing and a lifetime of observations, all wrapped up into […]

Who is Katie-Jane?

It always makes me giggle when people look at my books and comment, “She looks a bit like you!” Yup. There’s a reason for that 😉 When I happened upon the idea of creating Katie-Jane last year, I found myself delighted for oh so many reasons … but the most poignant – and relevant – […]

A few thoughts about ‘Quiet’

“She’s a quiet wee thing” It’s a comment that describes one person’s experience of another. Quiet – because in a room of twenty-something others, including many extroverts, it can be a struggle to connect with You. It can be a struggle to distinguish your own thoughts, feelings and energy from that of others – and […]

Is it possible to work with my inner-critic???

I have a little malfunction inside of me that over-reacts to criticism. I guess you might call it an inner-critic. I call it a creativity-culling critique monster. What is an inner-critic? This is a small part of me; so small it barely appears to exist. And then it hears something it doesn’t like – and […]