Three healthy ways to approach anxiety

Anxiety has been a bit of a theme in my blog this week … I have explored what causes anxiety and three unhealthy ways some of us avoid anxiety. To wrap it up, I figured it makes sense to find some healthy ways of approaching anxiety. I was thinking about this last night, and I found […]

Why do you want to write your children’s book?

I’m not sure there is anything more important, when you set out to create a children’s book, than considering this question. The answer becomes your foundation: it becomes your ‘Why’. And with writing, anything even, I don’t believe there is nothing more important than knowing why you are doing it. Knowing your ‘why’ gives you […]

Three unhealthy strategies you might be using to avoid anxiety

Following Monday’s post about what causes anxiety, I have been reflecting a little bit and looking at my own behaviour patterns and the way that they probably contribute to creating further anxiety. I have been able to understand lately that anxiety is a perfectly normal part of life; it is something that we all need […]

Making sense of anxiety

Last week I read a wonderful article over at Hey Sigmund, called ‘Anxiety in Kids: How to turn it around and protect them for Life’. It has only been a few months now that I have really been able to admit to myself that I suffer from anxiety – before that I mostly denied my […]

Striving to be perfect? Relax – you already are

Sometimes I look at the world, and I am blown away by its beauty and perfection. The blueness of the sky. The way a flower blooms. The way a tree grows; as it twists and turns upwards and outwards through whatever the weather throws at it. However it has grown, there is always the perfection […]

Do you sometimes feel like you are moving backwards?

Every now and then, life feels like it picks me up and drops me into a hole for a few days. I spend those days feeling disorientated, confused, a little bit upset, and desperately trying to claw my way out of the hole. Then one day, after trying countless strategies and banging my head against […]

What do you see when you close your eyes? Or do you feel it like me …

“What do you see when you close your eyes?”  Um, nothing. Blackness. Sometimes some indistinguishable furry shapes. Why? What do you see? I was shocked when I first heard my partner Simon tell me what he could see. He could see all kinds of incredible scenarios, and zoom in and out to the minutest detail. […]

When anxiety will not listen to reason

My son refused to go to school. He had spent a good 45 minutes in the bathroom scrubbing his hands to try to remove a tiny mark of green pen, left behind from last night’s colouring frenzy.  When logic meets anxiety The logical part of me could hardly even see it. She wanted to tell […]

Here’s what the 30 day blogging challenge has done for me!

Writing has always held an important place in my life. Due to selective mutism, the tricky task of translating my thoughts and feelings into words has not always been easy. Even now, I find the words I use when I speak don’t always represent the original intention of what I was hoping to say. I […]