Three unhealthy strategies you might be using to avoid anxiety

Following Monday’s post about what causes anxiety, I have been reflecting a little bit and looking at my own behaviour patterns and the way that they probably contribute to creating further anxiety. I have been able to understand lately that anxiety is a perfectly normal part of life; it is something that we all need […]

Making sense of anxiety

Last week I read a wonderful article over at Hey Sigmund, called ‘Anxiety in Kids: How to turn it around and protect them for Life’. It has only been a few months now that I have really been able to admit to myself that I suffer from anxiety – before that I mostly denied my […]

What do you see when you close your eyes? Or do you feel it like me …

“What do you see when you close your eyes?”  Um, nothing. Blackness. Sometimes some indistinguishable furry shapes. Why? What do you see? I was shocked when I first heard my partner Simon tell me what he could see. He could see all kinds of incredible scenarios, and zoom in and out to the minutest detail. […]

When anxiety will not listen to reason

My son refused to go to school. He had spent a good 45 minutes in the bathroom scrubbing his hands to try to remove a tiny mark of green pen, left behind from last night’s colouring frenzy.  When logic meets anxiety The logical part of me could hardly even see it. She wanted to tell […]