Here’s why I’m so quiet – An introduction to selective mutism

  Selective Mutism is a little known, but surprisingly common condition that affects about 1 in 140 children between ages 4-7. This condition isn’t limited to children in this age group – but this is the age when it usually appears. Treatment at an early age is recommended, as without it a child is unlikely to […]

Discover your own, natural self-confidence

I used to think that if I increased my confidence I would have to become somebody different – somebody new. I was a bit scared to become empowered, because my belief was that if I did increase my confidence the way I dreamed of doing, I wouldn’t be me anymore. Maybe my life would change […]

Beyond shyness – what happens when we embrace the qualities we do not want?

Through my life I have been both crippled and empowered in an ongoing struggle to overcome shyness. I have battled against what feels like my inherent nature, as I’ve tried to declare to the World that who they thought I was … I am not. I have longed to feel like the strong, confident qualities […]

Lift your mood with these three simple actions

Do you ever feel like you have hit an energetic slump … like any attempts to lift your mood are just too hard, and so instead of trying, you just slob on the couch, feeling bad about yourself and doing nothing to change it? Indulging in a bit of mopiness can be quite nice from […]

When the seeds of self-doubt creep in …

What do you do when you find yourself sinking in a sea of self-doubt? Every thought, every feeling you have seems to be dragging you down. Your confidence is waning, and all you can think is that you can’t do it, you’re not good enough to do it and if you did do it, no-one […]

Three steps to increase your confidence without changing who you are.

I have spent a large amount of my life wishing I could increase my confidence. Growing up with selective mutism, shyness and being super-sensitive, I always was very aware of other people and their reactions toward me. It was my opinion that everyone else was confident … and I was not. I wanted to feel […]