I have something to say …

I’ve been sitting here planning to write this post for a few minutes now, and already I am feeling pretty terrified. It is a big thing – to pour your insides out over a subject that has tied you in knots for many, many years. Even if, in some ways, you feel you have already […]

What kind of World are you creating with your money?

Love it or hate it, I don’t think it matters. Money is something we use, at this point in time, in our society. We use it for many things. True – it can’t buy happiness and it can’t buy Love. But it can buy food and clothing, and it can put a roof over our […]

Do we have to grow old?

Did you ever notice how much energy children have? Ahem – not that I wanted to state the obvious. I’m not sure it’s possible not to notice. First observation aside, I’ve another question for you … Did you ever notice how good children are at expressing themselves. I’m not talking eloquent descriptions here – I’m […]

The time it takes to write a book …

There is a question that people often asks me – and it always leaves me a bit befuddled. “How long did it take you to write your books?” I usually find myself fumbling about with an answer that describes something between two hours of connected writing and a lifetime of observations, all wrapped up into […]

Who is Katie-Jane?

It always makes me giggle when people look at my books and comment, “She looks a bit like you!” Yup. There’s a reason for that 😉 When I happened upon the idea of creating Katie-Jane last year, I found myself delighted for oh so many reasons … but the most poignant – and relevant – […]