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I am only one person (a poem!)

I am only one person,

Of that I’m quite sure.

But I’m feeling the pressure

To do more

and be more

and see more

and give more

and have more

and live more

than ever before


I’m the cook and the cleaner,

And also the mother.


The shopper, the partner,

And also the lover.


I’m accountant and secretary,

A car sharer too.


I’m writer, creator

That’s not all I do …


I’m in marketing,



And events


I’m a blogger

A speaker

An author

And then …


There is more, always more

To what I ‘should’ achieve.

Time to give myself credit,

Relax now – and breathe.




After a morning spent racing around trying to muddle together kid’s lunches out of bare(ish) cupboards, clean my ‘office’ (the house) so I felt like working in it, throwing the washing on, whisking the kids to school and trying to feel clear about the long list of jobs that I want to get done today – when all I want to do is sit down and illustrate my next book …. I came up with this.

Working mothers – can you relate???

3 thoughts on “I am only one person (a poem!)

    1. I LOVE IT!!! I’m feeling the same way so I just googled it and I just happened to find this!!! Thank you!!!

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