Kat Speaks

Why we all need the occasional scream-roar

I had an experience last night that helped me to realise (even more than before) what I want to share with the World.

We all are rivers

I experienced – with incredible intensity – the way that energy flows through my body. Just like a river, energy flows through us; expressing through our emotions, thoughts and actions. Occasionally some of this energy will become stuck in a metaphorical tree-root. Some of us have a lot of these tree roots. Occasionally the stuck energy will dislodge from one of these metaphorical tree-roots and drag all the dammed up energetic sludge with it as a ferocious surge of energy pushes it all out with one extreme, powerful charge.

Occasionally. I had one such occasion last night.

My experience was wild and raw. I can still feel the tingling; my hands feel like they are emitting more energy than ever before. I am unsure of exactly what to do with it. (Writing, apparently, for the moment.) Perhaps this is just how it is now for me – after pushing out a huge amount of energetic sludge, my energy is now much more free-flowing – and my awareness toward it much more acute. I think the secret now is to make sure I allow that particular part of my river to continue flowing, not return to its old habit of damming up.


The scream-roar

What I experienced was a release that resulted in one giant, gargantuous scream (or perhaps it was a roar? I’m not sure – let’s settle somewhere between the two). I won’t go into the details of how it came about. There didn’t seem to be a trigger, but I guess there must have been. There must have been something that dislodged a sizable dam inside of me and sent all the associated sludge rocketing to my surface.

Regardless, it happened and I scream-roared, and now I feel like I can experience my life just a little bit more fully. Crazy as they may appear, scream-roars and other similarly weird behaviours appear to be important ways to clear up our rivers and allow Life to flow more freely through us. I guess that’s why kids have tantrums; because their rivers become blocked.

Having experienced this particular scream-roar, I now understand what I want to share with anyone who happens across my blog.

My blog isn’t a ‘how-to guide’ or a ‘what to do when …’. I write from my own experience of life. Observations about myself; and sometimes observations of others too. I am noticing and realising new things all the time. The things that make me tick. The things that make other people tick. Sometimes I notice things that, as a society we seem to have forgotten about (like energy and the way it flows through us like a river). Or maybe we just don’t want to acknowledge those things because they don’t really fit in with the way we approach life.

I think it is important to remember who we are. I think it is important to acknowledge who we are. I also think it is incredibly important to express who we are. Even (and especially) the occasional scream-roar.