A few thoughts about ‘Quiet’

“She’s a quiet wee thing” It’s a comment that describes one person’s experience of another. Quiet – because in a room of twenty-something others, including many extroverts, it can be a struggle to connect with You. It can be a struggle to distinguish your own thoughts, feelings and energy from that of others – and […]

Is it possible to work with my inner-critic???

I have a little malfunction inside of me that over-reacts to criticism. I guess you might call it an inner-critic. I call it a creativity-culling critique monster. What is an inner-critic? This is a small part of me; so small it barely appears to exist. And then it hears something it doesn’t like – and […]

I am only one person (a poem!)

I am only one person, Of that I’m quite sure. But I’m feeling the pressure To do more and be more and see more and give more and have more and live more than ever before   I’m the cook and the cleaner, And also the mother.   The shopper, the partner, And also the […]

Why we all need the occasional scream-roar

I had an experience last night that helped me to realise (even more than before) what I want to share with the World. We all are rivers I experienced – with incredible intensity – the way that energy flows through my body. Just like a river, energy flows through us; expressing through our emotions, thoughts […]

Building a Strong Sense of Self. Lesson #2: Affirm

Every word you say, every thought you think, every feeling you acknowledge … it is all affirming for you your current state of awareness. What you affirm, you get back in return. Particularly if it is affirmed with feeling. The fine line between acknowledging and allowing I’d like to begin by making it really clear […]